4 Reasons to Get a Perfect Smile With Oral Hygiene and Dental Implants in Detroit, MI

by | May 27, 2022 | Dental Implants

A smile can announce happiness, kindness, and appreciation, along with a myriad of other emotions. Here are four of the many reasons oral hygiene in Detroit, MI and dental implants in Detroit, MI can create the perfect smile.

1. Smile Design

A smile design is an individualized plan for a patient’s dental implants in Detroit, MI. The patient is fitted with a temporary smile they will wear for two weeks. After this, the permanent smile is placed. The next day, a follow-up provides final contouring assuring the smile will be one of satisfaction. Finally, a five-year follow-up completes the process.

2. Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene in Detroit, MI prevents dental diseases from occurring or progressing. Cleaning below the gums, the hygienist clears plaque and debris difficult to remove by oneself.

3. Technology

State-of-the-art technology gives the dentist the ability to accurately diagnose and plan for the placement of dental implants in Detroit, MI. Digital x-rays can quickly show diseases and structures of the jaw. DNA samples can be used to predict susceptibility to disease. This includes the Human Papilloma Virus which is believed to be associated with some forms of oral cancer.

4. Experience

The “Look Book” showcases the results of over thirty years of experience. A multiple dentist practice combining decades of practice experience with ongoing updates on evidenced based standards of care predicts the best outcome. Learn More Start today to plan the best smile. Learn more about dental implants and oral hygiene in Detroit, MI at https://drdipilla.com