How Do I Take Care of Myself in the Days Following a Root Canal?

by | Sep 17, 2019 | Dental

Root canals are often necessary to deal with severe damage to the tooth’s dentin layer. Thanks to the success of root canals in Burlington, it’s possible to salvage teeth that would need extracting otherwise. If you’re going to have a root canal soon, it pays to know what you should do in the days after the procedure. Here are three tips that will help.

Do Continue to Brush and Floss

While you can expect some tenderness, it’s important to keep brushing after meals and floss. It’s fine to go with a softer brush for a few days. It won’t hurt to use a basic toothpaste rather than one that contains whitening ingredients. The goal is to remove residue that could irritate the tooth and trigger more discomfort.

Stick With Soft Foods For Now

As the tooth heals, it’s a good idea to plan your meals so they include plenty of soft foods. You don’t have to avoid chewing altogether, but don’t indulge in anything that’s sticky or requires a lot of effort to chew. Soft vegetables, dairy and eggs, and puddings are some examples of what to stock up on prior to undergoing root canals in Burlington.

Use an Over the Counter Product to Help With Inflammation

You can expect some soreness and possibly a little swelling. This is common after undergoing root canals in Burlington. Your dentist will recommend an over-the-counter product that will help ease the discomfort without thinning the blood. You’ll only need to take something for a day or two. After that, the swelling should be gone.

Remember that most people experience few difficulties after undergoing a root canal. Follow the instructions provided by your dentist and you should be among that number. If you do notice any swelling or tenderness that doesn’t seem to be subsiding, let your dentist know immediately. Rest assured the dental professional will have the right solution.