Reasons to Seek Care From Your Local Family Dentistry in Midwest City OK

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Dental

As most people know, for all dental emergencies, they should not hesitate to contact a dentist. But it is sometimes difficult to understand what problem is an emergency. It is necessary to seek care from a local Family Dentistry in Midwest City OK if the pain becomes unbearable.

But other less painful cases also require an immediate visit. Here are a few emergency cases that should prompt people to see a dentist.


When analgesics are ineffective, and pain becomes unbearable, it is time to seek care. In this case, it is essential to consult a dentist to stop the pain. Besides the very unpleasant feeling, prolonged aggression of the nerve can damage it irreversibly.
Calming the pain helps to preserve the nerve. Your Family Dentistry in Midwest City OK should have several ways of helping their patients get rid of the pain.

Gum and dental abscess

In case of a particularly painful gingival abscess, a visit to the dentist is a must. This bacterial infection occurs on the gums, around the tooth. It can be caused by an excess of tartar or food stuck between the gum and the tooth. To treat you, the dentist will clean the affected area.

Also called “periapical abscess,” this infection affects the inside of the jaw and occurs when the nerve of the tooth dies. Often, pus can even flow through cavities. In this situation, consult a dentist immediately, who will perform a root canal treatment or tooth extraction.

Cracked and broken teeth

If a person’s tooth cracks (following an accident or for no apparent reason), they must react quickly to avoid a possible infection. Visit a dentist who will identify the cause, if needed, and treat the problem. On the way to the office, hold a cold compress on the painful area.

If you break a tooth (following a fall or a violent blow, for example), you must immediately consult a dentist. If possible, also pick up the piece of broken tooth because the dentist may be able to glue it back into place.

Consult a dentist urgently in case of severe pain in the gums, teeth or jaws. Do the same if you break or lose a tooth, or have problems with your dental prosthesis. Visit for more information. You can also visit them on Facebook.