Dental Practice Brokers in Nevada: Encouraging Buyers to Focus on Value Received

by | Dec 28, 2018 | Dental

Dentists who decide to sell their clinics understandably want to receive a significant part of the value they have built over the years. Buyers obtain not only equipment and perhaps a building, but they also get an established customer base and experienced staff members. Many of those patients will continue coming to the clinic instead of looking elsewhere. Dental practice brokers in Nevada help sellers receive maximum value when it’s time to retire or move away.

Buyers: Focus on Received Value

Dentists who are looking to buy a practice must realize they likely won’t get the best results by focusing only on price. They naturally want to get a good deal when shopping with dental practice brokers in Nevada, but they also must focus on the value they acquire. Insisting on a reasonable price is understandable, but going for the lowest-priced practice in a broad region may not have the most positive results.

Sellers should not have to feel that putting a low price on the practice is necessary depending on certain circumstances. The clinic may only have film imaging and not digital imaging, for example. Prospective buyers may prefer to make their own choices for digital imaging equipment instead of having to pay extra for a clinic that already has this equipment in place.

Sellers: Consider Market Value

Some long-established dentists may want to price the practice higher than the market is likely to support. It’s important these doctors of dentistry not let their egos or emotions get in the way of a successful and speedy sale. They need to do their own research on the prices that similar practices are selling for in similar markets or trust the broker’s knowledgeable opinion on the subject.

Working With a Broker

An organization such as Western Practice Sales offers the option of selling directly to the broker. The seller will want to emphasize any unique aspects of the practice, such as a high percentage of long-term patients and the main demographic characteristics of the clientele. An unusually low level of unpaid accounts is another point worth mentioning. Visit the website to learn more about this particular broker service.