Dental Veneers in Birmingham, MI Solve a Variety of Cosmetic Issues

by | Apr 4, 2022 | Dentist

The placement of dental veneers in Birmingham, MI is an option when a patient’s teeth are healthy but have cosmetic problems the dentist cannot solve with other methods. These porcelain devices can brighten a smile, hide irregularities and fill a gap between the two front teeth.

About Veneers

Dental veneers in Birmingham, MI look extremely similar to natural tooth enamel, including having light-reflecting properties. These thin shells are useful for modifying size, shape, and color.

Modifying Size and Shape

Some men and women have unusually small teeth that barely show when smiling. Veneers add length. A tooth with an irregular shape, such as one with a chip at the bottom, looks normal again with a veneer.

Closing the Gap

A small gap between the front teeth is relatively common. Some individuals don’t mind this irregularity or even like it, but others feel their smile is less attractive than it could be. They can avoid having to wear aligners and instead cover the gap with a veneer placed on each of the front teeth.

Hiding Discoloration

Yellowish teeth can be the result of tetracycline antibiotic treatment during childhood. This drug has negative effects on the color of adult teeth that are still forming. Physicians try to avoid prescribing tetracycline to patients younger than eight years old, but sometimes other antibiotics prove ineffective against the child’s infection. Whitening does not lighten these teeth, but applying veneers covers the discoloration.

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