Pediatric Dentistry in Liberty Lake WA Can Treat Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

by | Dec 9, 2022 | Dentist

Your baby can begin teething anywhere from around six months of age and up to twelve months. When this process begins, he or she may be a little cranky and may drool. You can help ease the pain of teething by allowing your baby to chew on soft teething rings. Pediatric Dentistry in Liberty Lake WA will be able to advise you if further treatment is needed.

Once your baby begins cutting teeth, there are special precautions you will need to take so you can avoid tooth decay. One common condition seen in babies is baby bottle tooth decay. This normally occurs between the ages of six months to one and half years. Your baby can develop this problem due to falling asleep during feedings with a bottle.

When your baby is awake after a bottle, the saliva in his or her mouth will easily wash away any sugars or acids in the liquid. If your baby falls asleep just after a feeding, there could be milk or juice residue left behind. This can sit on the teeth while the baby sleeps and can cause decay.

It is important you monitor your baby’s teeth for any signs of decay. A baby’s tooth will exhibit white spots and lines when decay is setting in. This is normally most prominent on the back of the teeth, where the tongue tends to cover and prevent saliva from fully washing away the liquid.

If you are concerned about your baby developing this condition, try to limit feedings during bedtime. If your baby must have a bottle, fill it with warm water. In some cases, a baby may be able to go to sleep with a pacifier instead.

Your baby will need to begin seeing the dentist around the time their first tooth comes through. This will allow Pediatric Dentistry in Liberty Lake WA to monitor your baby’s tooth health so they are able to keep their baby teeth healthy and allow for healthy adult teeth to come in later.

If you are in need of dental services for your child, contact Pediatric Dentistry of Liberty Lake WA. They treat all ages of children and will be happy to treat yours. Visit Mint Condition Dental today for your child’s appointment.