Saving an Infected Tooth

by | Jun 28, 2019 | Dental Care

Saving an Infected Tooth

When you have a major infection in a tooth from a cavity or an injury, your dentist may recommend surgery. Root canal Northridge, Calif., dentists understand how to sedate you for a procedure so that you won’t feel any discomfort during the process. After your mouth is prepared for the surgery, our dentist will drill a hole into the top of the infected tooth. The interior portion of the tooth requires removal to eliminate any bacteria, so the pulp, nerves and roots are removed carefully. To destroy additional bacteria, the tooth’s shell is rinsed with special chemicals.

Dental Crowns after a Root Canal

The shell that remains is not strong enough to withstand chewing food, so a dentist will fill it with a soft substance that hardens to fill each area of the tooth’s shell. While you are undergoing the surgery performed by a root canal Northridge dentist, a computer software program will analyze your X-rays and the molds of your mouth to create a customized dental crown. This restoration is designed for protecting your repaired tooth from the pressure of eating food, and it will create an aesthetically pleasing smile. The dental crown is fastened to the tooth’s shell with a waterproof resin.

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After the customized crown is placed over the repaired tooth, it will remain in place for many years. Depending on the location of the dental crown along with your daily oral hygiene care, this restoration can last up to 15 years. Caring for a dental crown requires brushing and flossing each day, but you can also use an oral irrigator to keep your mouth cleaner. If you’re looking for a root canal in Northridge, CA, Northridge Dental Works has the dental office you need to set things right.