Details About Dental Filling In Indianapolis, IN

by | Dec 27, 2018 | Dental Care

In Indiana, dental professionals provide a wide array of services to correct tooth damage and improve the aesthetics of the smile. Fillings are a common service used to correct damage and restore the surface of the tooth enamel. A local dental professional offers dental fillings in Indianapolis IN to correct a multitude of issues that can arise at any time.

Root Canal Procedures

Dental professionals utilize dental fillings when they perform root canal procedures. The fillings are used to enclose the inside of the tooth after the tooth pulp and nerve have been removed. The composite resin prevents particles from entering the tooth and causing pain or infections. The tooth is sealed with a dental crown after the procedure is completed.

Correcting Dental Cavities

Dental cavities are caused by a failure to follow proper oral hygiene. If the patient doesn’t brush and floss regularly, their teeth are susceptible to cavities. If the cavities aren’t corrected, the tooth continues to rot, and the patient is at risk of developing an infection.

Reconstructing Damaged Teeth

The same composite resin that is used to fill in cavities is used to reconstruct damage teeth. The white tooth-like material blends in with surrounding teeth and makes the repair look more natural. The dental professional can use the resin to recreate any broken sections of the tooth after decay is removed. The resin cures underneath an ultraviolet lamp and becomes stronger. The repairs can last for several years before additional services are needed.

Bonding Options to Protect Teeth

Dental bonding involves the same resin as well. The procedure is used to protect molars for children who have brittle and damaged teeth. The bonding agent is applied to the molars to prevent more damage and allow the adult teeth to develop properly.

In Indiana, dental professionals perform a variety of services that involve dental fillings and/or the composite resin used for the treatments. The procedures in which dental fillings are used could include root canals, cavities correction, and reconstruction of damaged teeth. Dental bonding also requires the resin to protect teeth throughout childhood. Patients who want to learn more about dental fillings in Indianapolis IN are encouraged to contact us now.