When to See a General Dentist To Get Teeth Whitening Services

by | Jul 1, 2022 | Teeth Whitening

Any efforts you put into cleaning your teeth will help them appear whiter. But, your smile may need more attention to get a brighter appearance. Rather than trying an at-home treatment to get new results, you should allow a dentist to help instead. They will have a more effective way to provide a more radiant smile. If you are unsure if you need professional assistance, here is information to explain when you should see your dentist for teeth whitening services.

Severe Stains

Starchy foods and drinks like coffee, cola, and wines can cause significant stains on your teeth. These can diminish the look of your smile and possibly weaken the strength of your teeth. This declined appearance can make you feel uncomfortable and cause you to hide your teeth from others. But, your teeth whitening in Fairfield County, CT, can improve your situation. You will enjoy a beneficial outcome when you rely on a team trained for general dentistry in Fairfield County, CT.

Before Getting Restorations

When you have missing teeth or teeth that have gotten cracked, you can get a restorative treatment like crowns, bonding, or veneers. These are supposed to give your tooth a natural appearance but will be hard to match if your teeth are darkened or yellowed. Instead, you will need teeth whitening in Fairfield County, CT, before the restorations. This improvement will make the technique look much better.

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